How many people still have a Sony STR-DB930 and still love it?



And have no plans on getting rid of it anytime soon.And how does Sony's recievers compare to Yamaha recievers in terms of reliability?
I have the STR-DB925 said to be not as good as the 930, I am fairly happy with it at the momant, I will be upgrading when funds permit, I just think I am missing something big by not having Pro-logic II, DD EX, DTS ES and better sound quality and more power.
The two I would probably look at are the Denon AVR-2802 and the Yamaha DPAX 630, the Yamaha would probably win as its nearly £200 cheaper, no DTS Descreet on the Yam though :(
I have a STR-DB930 Got mine when they first came out took me a while to find a silver one they seemed to be in limited supply.

Love it to bits no plans to upgrade happy with the sound of the Sony.
Does your Sony DB-930 run real warm to you or is this just the way Sony recievers run (on the hot side)as compared to others.Mine is on the top of the rack with full ventilation all around and it tends to run very very warm.As compared to my yamaha unit i also own.The yamaha can be left on all day and barely gets luke-warm to the touch but the Sony gets kinda hot just after two hours or so and thats with the impeadence switch set to 4 ohm position.Just wanted to know if it's anything to worry about or that's just the way Sony's run?Thanks for any answers.Your friend from across the pond..PEACE.
Yes mine runs very warm but it's its been like that since i got it so I dont think it's anything to worry about.
I've got one and (see my other post) am just in the process of upgrading it for the same reasons as Timh, but I've been delighted with it so far, the only slight negative is that the fronts seem to smother the centre a little, but it's far more likely that's down to my speaker placement, which I can't change thanks to living in a shoebox, than the Sony.
I had one up until a couple of years ago, It went wrong twice so I sold it on to a workmate & part-exed the receiver I bought B4 the 930 (a Sherwood 925) for a 940 which I still have.

IMO slightly better sounding than the 930, but doesn't output as much bass info to my sub as the 930 did, as well as a better remote (still a pig to use though) :confused: :D :mad:

Both instruction books read like the book for recently deceased!
I only use the receiver in auto format decode only for all inputs & sounds Ok to me.

Both models run hot, not a good idea to use one in an enclosed rack system, I think that's why the 930 went wrong in the 1st place.

My next amp/receiver will probably be Denon or Yamaha as they seem to get favourable reviews on the forum & in mags.

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