How many people have you inspired to buy an lcd with yours?


I demonstrated my Sammy LE40 to a mate today and he was so impressed that he's decided to buy one himself. My wife's nephew and his girlfriend were round last night and were saying they had been looking at the same telly in Currys. They were going to buy one today (from Dixons online with discount codes) after seeing mine. Another friend and his wife are seriously considering buying one as well. All are overwhelmed with the styling and quality.

I demonstrated the set with an assortment of SD and HD material, including ntl digital (movies, premiership footie), Xbox games, XVID HD tv shows (CSI Miami is ideal with it's brightly lit locations and vivid colours) and some 1080i trailers and ts material.


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ive just been demo'd a 40inch v seris sony bravia over sky HD and its put me off LCDs now.

there was noticeable graining on all the HD channels which was very noticeable on discovery, and very bad motion smearing on the live cricket as well as ghosting. the picture looked great from the fixed camera postion as the bowler came up tho bowl, then as the batsman hit a four and the camera panned the lovely textured green grass become a large green smeered blocky mess as well as everything else on screen. also i noticed juddering lateral movement on moving scenes. i won't even start with the football.

and yes this was watching SKY HD not SD channels which suffered from the normal pixelly picture on what is regarded the best LCD on the market.

im so glad ive saved £1000 and im sticking to my 28inch philips CRT with contrast +. unless lcd technology vastly improves i won't be buying. I still maintain that there best use is as a computer monitor, for tv you can't beat CRT or plasma IMO.


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RXP said:
we all want a decent HD CRT....
Do we?

I'd like to take this opportunity to distance myself from that observation.
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