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How many scratches can you have on a DVD before it affects the lasers ability to read the disc. Or is it that the number of scratches doesn't matter, it depends more on the depth and/or direction of the scratches.

The reason I ask this question is I have recently begun to find some very good movie titles in Pawn Shops (after a reccomendation by a cousin). I generally look for the titles that are usually higher priced in stores and show no signs of going on sale(Gladiator, Remember the Titans, Pearl Harbor, Unbreakable, etc.) I have been able to buy the previoulsy listed titles for $7 or $8. When you buy previously viewed DVD's you obviously have to face the fact that some people don't take care of their DVD's as well as you do your own (some appear that their previous owner stood on top of them and spun around a few times). But there are many that have 1 or 2 scratches or none at all (which are the ones I usually buy).

I usually won't buy them if they have more than two sctatches or if the scratch is very noticeable. Am I missing out on a good DVD by doing this or is it best to leave them alone. Basically, I don't understand the amount of damage that can be done to a DVD before it begins to affect it's playing ability. I've heard the rumors about this, but want to get factual information.



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I think about 7 scratches is too many. 5 scratches is fine. 6 scratches is borderline - depends what shape they are. :)


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if they are radial (centre out to rim) they shouldn't pose much problem. If they are laterally across the playing surface then they could be a problem.

Also depth is an issue. If its just on the top surface you can polish them out. If they are through the data layer you might have problems. Hold it up to the light if you see any pin-pricks through the disc it might pose a problem. If it doesn't play you should be able to demand a refund even if its second hand.

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