How many hours a week do you work?

How many hours do you work a week?

  • 30 hours or below

    Votes: 19 13.4%
  • 31 - 40 hours

    Votes: 60 42.3%
  • 41 - 50 hours

    Votes: 35 24.6%
  • 50 hours +

    Votes: 28 19.7%

  • Total voters


Senior Moderator
At the risk of hate mail, can students comment? :devil: :D


Distinguished Member
25 a week bang on the button no more no less :D

however its not a case of being lucky, more a case of being restricted physically :(

still, the job wasnt bad, paid a decent wage considering the hours.....sadly i'm being made redundant....d'oh....

ah job

(oh when i say work, i mean sit at a desk, answer a phone call every 2 or 3 minutes and surf rabidly inbetween...w00t!)


Distinguished Member
Just billed for 55 hours last week, that exludes 2 and half hours travel per day.

I normally get in at around 8 and work for two hours on my business as well as both days on the weekend.


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I run a holiday park so the sky's the limit at this time of year.I don't do as many hours in the winter though and there is the small matter of 6 weeks in Florida before Xmas to look forward to every year!:D


Active Member
I'm contracted to work a 7hour day Mon-Fri, of which I actually work 1-2hours per day. It's :boring: as hell but it pays for a roof over my head.


Active Member
Normally about 45 but for the last 2 weeks and next week it'll be around 80...............:(


Well-known Member
I am self-employed and normally work less than 30 hours a week. But sometimes I have to do more (but not often). :)


Distinguished Member
35 hours here, no more, no less.


Active Member
a minimum 45 hours on my day job and probably another 10-20 hours per week doing freelance and photography.


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A combination of this week and also last week I have done about 15 minutes work. I was told a week last Thursday that I am "at risk" of being made redundant. My job will no longer exist and and there are no other vacancies within the company. So I've been watching films on my Vision M and surfing the net and sitting here reading threads like this. :smashin:

(Apparently we will be told that we are being made redundant tomorrow. It's only taken them almost 2 weeks!!!! :mad: I'd rather they just get on with it!)

la gran siete

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mmahmed said:
I am self-employed and normally work less than 30 hours a week. But sometimes I have to do more (but not often). :)

something like that myself.I work odd hours .Often weekends! Talking of which I should be at work now!


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Im contracted to do 37.5 hrs per week, but usually do about 44. The extra is paid at our normal hourly rate


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I used to do 100+ hours some weeks with an average of 70+ hours. This was before the european work time directive (EWTD) mind. Basically i'd work 10+ hours a day with at least one 24 hour on call a week. then once ever 6 weeks i'd have to do the dreaded 48 hour weekend, yes thats a solid 48hours on your feet with no protected rest. I'd start 9 am saturday morning and finish 9am monday morning except i'd then have to do a normal 9-6 that day as well!! This wasnt some victorian sweat shop it was the nhs in 1999-2000. Since about 2001 however things got better and the govt were forced to implement the EWTD hence the lives of junior doctors are much better now. Its now also safer for patients as they dont have a red eyed semidelerious doctor trying to remember the right dosage of medicine to give.

Now heres the real kick in the teeth, in my time we got around £8 an hour (bad but ok for the time), but on calls (ie nights and weekends) we'd get HALF PAY!!! thats around £4 pounds an hour. During these hours junior doctors were the cheapest labour in hospitals, everyone including porters, cleaners etc were paid more. Anyway its all changed now thank god but i have no idea why my predecessors put up with this for so long.

Anyhow i left hospital as soon as i could after my training and now have a very civilised working week with no oncalls and free weekends. :clap:

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