How Many HDMI Ports

Bluey VIII

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Do I need for Sky+HD??

Am considering upgrading to Sky+HD during their 75 quid promotion which lasts until 31/10/08, however, I've just read in the Sky Mag that this needs "a minimum of 3 HDMI ports on your TV". Is this true? I have a Sony TV with 2 HDMI ports, one is currently connected to the PS3 and I was planning on using the 2nd for Sky+HD.

I'm assuming the SkyMag comment is a misprint but want to be sure before I order. Unfortunately I don't trust any answer that I would get from a Sky Call Centre Monkey so would appreciate an informed answer from someone on here ;)


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just need the 1 port to conect it :thumbsup:


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One HDMI input is required for SKY+HD just as one HDMI is required for a Blu-ray player or upscaling HD player. I suspect someone who didn't think it through or word his article correctly made it sound as if SKY+HD needed 3 HDMI inputs to itself rather than in todays market where three is perhaps the optimal number.


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Sky Mag - fit only for :censored:-paper!

Bluey VIII

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Cheers Guys...4 replies on here quicker that it would take the Sky Call Center to answer the phone!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Just need to work on the wife now to convince her the extra tenner a month is good value ;)

Stephen Neal

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Yep - and annoyingly most TVs with 3 HDMI inputs have 2 on the back and 1 on the side - which doesn't look very neat if you DO need 3 inputs.

I suspect most serious HTPC people will use an AV Amp to switch HDMIs rather than the TV anyway?

(We have ours setup with 1 HDMI directly from the Sky box and 1 HDMI fed via the AMP, which is fed with a PS3 and HTPC, with the Sky audio fed via TOSLINK to get 5.1 - as Sky's HDMI output is 2.0 only)

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