How many HD discs do you buy?

How many discs per format do you buy on average in one month

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    Votes: 10 9.1%
  • 1

    Votes: 17 15.5%
  • 2

    Votes: 15 13.6%
  • 3

    Votes: 22 20.0%
  • 4

    Votes: 13 11.8%
  • 5-8

    Votes: 21 19.1%
  • 9-12

    Votes: 5 4.5%
  • 12-15

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • 16 or more

    Votes: 4 3.6%

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Distinguished Member
As per title really. Neither format can yet be accused of breaking into the mainstream, so must be being 'propelled' forwards in sales (or should that be dragged?) by the likes of us AV enthusiasts. So, our buying habits must be a good indicator of attach rates.

It doesn't matter which format you own, or whether you own both, what I'm looking for is how many discs per month you buy, per format. :smashin:

MODS: Open to suggestions for how we get both people here and also people in the HD movies section to vote here as this is very related to the sales debate in the main format war sticky...

New Start Neil

Distinguished Member
MODS: Open to suggestions for how we get both people here and also people in the HD movies section to vote here as this is very related to the sales debate in the main format war sticky...

I would say this should be in the HD Movies section anyway, this is a forum to discuss Hi Def players, not films and purchases.

Jim Morrison

Well-known Member
Having had the PS3 for almost 1 month, i now own 12 titles (see sig) and i'm currently waiting for another 3 to be delivered. Admittedly, i've gone a little mad with some catalogue titles that i consider 'must-haves' but there's no way my wallet (or the wife) will let me sustain this level of purchasing. So, looking at my list of pre-orders and future releases, i anticipate i'll buy 5+ each month, give or take.


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I'm buying probably 5-8 HD-DVD titles a month, but a little less blu-ray, mainly because the catalogue titles are not quite as good as HD-DVD (IMO of course), and if the title appears on both formats I tend to buy the HD-DVD version.

Looking at my pre-orders, I have 5 already on order for May, 3 HD-DVD and 2 BD. They'll be joined with some back catalogue no doubt. And I've only counted the Matrix boxed set as 1 as I only like the first film :D



Active Member
My habits for buying movies have totally changed in the last 6 months. My SD DVD buying has essentially become zero, other than for a couple of titles which are not a factor in HD. I won't buy a SD disc, if there is a HD version. I have decided not to buy any HD disc for a title if I own it in SD [With the exception of Planet Earth]

If there is a title on BD, that isn't region free, then that has dropped into "future purchase in the UK"

I used to buy a lot more dics, maybe not on a monthly basis as the poll suggests, but in tranches of 8-10 discs, then maybe nothing for a month a two. If you averaged it out probably would be 5-6 a month. This has dropped to nearer 1-2 a month on average. [I have started to rent for the first time]

I must also confess that I am very particular about where I watch a film, e.g I fly a lot, with very reguarlar trips to Asia, Australia and the US [at least 2 of those destinations a month]. I will not watch a film on an aeroplane, if I have not seen it at the Cinema / on DVD with my Projector first. Now strangely enough I have become aware of a new subconscious rule that I have been applying to myself. I have decided to buy a full HD Display, and oddly enough I sort of want to "save up" my viewing for when I have this - this has been a factor in slowing up my purchases as well.

Returning to the original post, I still think people think about this in to much of a "black & white" fashion. e.g. the demographic of the average PS3 owner doesn't buy discs" I think it makes know difference at all, well as little difference as it always has. I think at least 20-30% of owners own a PS3 because it is a Blu-ray player. They are just as likely to buy discs as any other standalone owner in my view. The remainder who own a games console, well a proportion of them anyway will buy discs.

I don't think Sony or anyone believed for one minute that PS3 owners were going to be buying discs as if they were going out of fashion [wish the were in fashion to be honest], but they bet on them kickstarting the BD format. In that context it has, i.e. wherever the PS3 has been launched, Blu-ray discs have responded in much higher sales. I know poeple argue that with the result of slow demand, this fact will diminish, but that is some strange logic, those same 800K PS3 owners currently in Europe won't change their buying habits, just because they're only being added too at a rate of 200K a month.

I have no doubt that the HD DVD add-on was launched to Kick-start the HD DVD market, although that now seems to becoming a more pointless purchase by the day, with the very lower costs of HD DVD standalones, i.e. for $100 more, you can buy a fully-featured unit rather than one full of comprimises.

I do agree though, I believe the sales numbers for both formats are significantly higher than the numbers we see [don't?] would suggest. If they are not, then this war is a pointless exercise, since poeple must be buying players and doing nothing with them. I think the fact the studios are releasing them so fast also suggests the sales are better then we have numbers to support.


In Memoriam
5-8 HD discs paid for, around 5-8 given as "samples"

Just got a box of 10 BV BD titles FOC, need to sort out something to play them on...:D


Active Member
I am very picky about what I buy, I won't buy before I've seen it on the big screen or rented it first. Then I stopped buying altogether about 2 years ago as I wanted to buy HD instead, but because of the audio problems with the XE1 (got a lot of R2 discs) have lost interest and bought a 360 instead.

Am sort of coming around to the idea of getting an E1 and doing without HD audio for a few years until I upgrade the amp. But I go Mountain Biking a lot this time of year so I might just wait until Autumn, might be considering the new Samsung dual player by then, who knows :rolleyes: A fickle consumer :D

PS - I voted zero I'm afraid.


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Ive been quite steady, after the initial six or so of each format Ive got I havent got many since.. but I placed an order for six or so US BluRays on to take advantage of the strong pound the other day.

I usually wont buy anything I havent got on DVD already unless its an absolute classic film thats worth the HD upgrade. Ive got Lethal Weapon in that regard. T2 is one of my recent BR orders and Matrix on HD-DVD will likely be next.

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
here and there for me. I'll keep an eye on upcoming releases and pop a preorder in if I'm interested. Just got 'The Queen' and waiting for both Pirates movies, then its quiet for me until I hear something coming along.

I'll buy whatever I want as soon as its out. and the catalogue isn't regular enough for me to say 'x per month'.


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I can't really give an estimate on a per monthy purchase yet, as I've only really just got into HD films.

Suffice to say I've had my HD machines 2 months now. I've got 11 Blue Ray films and 6 HD DVD so far.. I'm more of an impulse buyer, than a true collector. So it'll probably vary quite a bit ! lol

But my misses holds the purse strings, and she dictates what i buy ! :( :suicide:

Tim :D


Active Member
Ive got about 20 HD discs ( about 12 HD-DVD /8 Blu-ray) and most of those have been bought on the street - I would buy loads more but nothing really takes my fancy thats currently available

Also cautious about the encoding on some discs on both formats and try and research into people's thoughts on each particular release unless I know I want the film anyway


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Since the launch of the 360 add on I have bought 26 HDDVD's. I do still buy sddvd's though but not many.


Bought 8 this month but only 3 last month and looking to probably stick to 3 p/m.

Doubt I will stick to it though :(


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Got about 7 blu-rays in the last 3 or 4 weeks. I'll probably only buy about 2 - 3 a month from now on though, however I already have 7 or so on my wants list :suicide: Also tempted to get HD-DVD add on too, but will get my HD projector first, then I will probably buy more after that.


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Got my E1 Feb 9 since then have 19 discs, 2 due here this weekend & awaiting Robin Hood (3 weeks now still no sign of when arriving). Suppose my average will be about 2-3 per month.


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I remember when I first got into dvds back in 2001, buying 10 a week. Never again will I buy like that again.

So I'm buying only 2-3 blurays a month. My collection is a massive...6 disks on bluray so far.

I can see my bluray collection being a fraction of my dvd collection (400+) - maybe 150 bluray after 4-5 years.

The high disk prices eg fox titles in Uk and region coded means I'll probably rent more than buy.

I do really enjoy high def dvd - I've rented so far just two : The Fugitive and Lethal Weapon and enjoyed the high def experience on both on my SONY 720p projector using PS3.

C Topp

Standard Member
Had my player for about 2 months.

Got 7 discs and 2 on the way.

One of the 2 on its way is Island Fever 3 :D

Thats about 4-5 a month so far :cool:

Looking to buy Planet Earth as my next purchase :smashin:



Distinguished Member
On average so far, around 1 per month. I'm trying to only buy films I know I'll watch again and again.


just brought 3 on the trading forum , and still looking to bag some more :) so i'll vote a bit later :smashin:


I voted 1
At the moment i'd like to buy more, problem is most of the top titles i have on dvd are not yet availible and there are few of the bargin bin dvd's (3 for £20 deals) that have come out and too be honest i can't see myself paying for them again.
Also now that i have both a 360 HDDVD addon and A PS3 i can't quite make my mind up which version to buy.
Normally it would be HDDVD due to the much better VC1 codec but now the most recent films are featuring it on Blu Ray.

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