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How many gamecube games have you got?


Curious, that's all :D
How many Gamecube games do you own in your collection?
I know that the sales haven't been anywhere near the other 2 big consoles, but surely there is a serious following out there :confused:

We all love the cube (ever since it's launch) and have always owned nintendo consoles, so it was obvious that we'd start a collection.

Currently 97 games, all PAL except an NTSC copy of Wario Ware (we couldn't wait for the PAL release :rotfl: )
Going for the magical 100 this weekend :clap:


quick piccy of the collection :thumbsup:


  • cubecollection.jpg
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Indiana Jones

Distinguished Member
I have a grand total of 12 games in my Gamecube collection, very pathetic compared to yours lol


Well-known Member
97!!! :clap:

Would of had around 25 but have sold the ones I would never play again (Star Fox Adventures, Rogue Squadron 3) so I now have around 16 games :)


Distinguished Member
Cor blimey, take all those down to game, you might get a tenner! :D

I have about 8 or 9 games, including two sets of bongos!


Games Guru said:
Cor blimey, take all those down to game, you might get a tenner! :D

I have about 8 or 9 games, including two sets of bongos!
Cheek :eek:

Only kidding. We just keep on collecting them. It's a bad habbit, but someones gotta do it :rotfl:

Would love to know what the largest private collection in the UK is. :suicide:


Distinguished Member
I've got 5!!!!
And 5 on the PS2
and 13 Xbox

oh and 325 DVD's :devil:


Well-known Member
19. All japanese.
Some keepers that are classics. A couple of stinkers. I never sell games that ive bought. Simple reason is that you never get what you paid for it and even if its a bad game, its a lesson learnt.


Well-known Member
Bought 30-35, though only have 12 now. The rest were sold. Don't see the point keeping games I know I'm never likely to play again. Too busy playing new games to have time to play the old ones. Selling the old games funds new ones also.
but how many of those bought would he buy again ive about 120 x-box games(my friend has a parrot on his shoulder)


Distinguished Member
I've got about 12 GC games, I had about 50 ps2 games until recently - shiffed a loads & now have about 25. I've got 8 X-Box games. I've also got about 25 DC games, 20 Saturn games & 30-40 Megadrive games & a stack of stuff for the PC. I generally sell & trade my games when I get bored of them as i've bought 1000's over the years and I simply wouldn't have the storage space for them if i'd have kept them. :thumbsup:


:clap: :clap: :clap:
really nice to see what everyone has got console games wise :smashin:
we tend to hoard the stuff tbh, when it comes to consoles i've got a bit of a weak spot for them :suicide:
Some of the other stuff......
35 PSOne games
26 N64 Games
22 Xbox Games (only ever play on Wolfenstein, PGR2 & Tiger Woods)
20 PS2 Games
40ish Dreamcast Games and a whole load of retro stuff

and a very un-happy other half who constantly reminds me that it's all my "crap" that's cluttering up the spare room :rolleyes:

General Panic

Active Member
Got a Cube last August with Pokemon Colliseum and that's it so far :(
Got a Silver Playstation to play FFX and that's it as well , though i do use my Playstation to play DVD's occasionally.
My X-box has about 15 games and i do use that reguarally as my R1 dvd player.

Guess i'm not a consolely type person , i do own over a 100 pc games on the otherhand.


Active Member
at the moment i own a whopping 4 GC games!!!

have sold a few though although if theres any game out for GC thats also available for the PC i usually opt for the pc version eg fifa 2005. speaking of fifa 2005 check out my thread in the pc gaming section and see if you can help me with my problem!


I have 8 GC games, not including the Zelda Collection and URA Zelda disks that came with Mario Kart and Wind Waker. I have a tonne of PC games I should give away too. I didn't realise how many I've bought :S


now 101! :suicide: :suicide:
Found Super monkey ball 2, timesplitters 2, serious sam & jedi Knight 2 for good prices today. Would have been more if she hadn't stopped me :rotfl:

the endless quest continues :eek:

really good to know what other people have got though :smashin: keep it up :clap:


12 Here

With Resident Evil 4 And Mario Party 6 on order from DVD Soon to make it 14 :)


Active Member
8 on the GC for me.. the likes of Medal of Honor & Call of duty I find better than their xbox cousins. Others include , 25 - xbox, 6 -PS1, 17 - N64, 25 - SNES and over 100 for C64 :)
Ive got 6 GC games and Res evil 4 and Met prime 2 on order from US.
Ive got a "naughty" PS2 so i used to have about 15 games but sold them,
No xbox coz I prefer my PC heheh.
I used to have a ton of games but sold most

Indiana Jones

Distinguished Member
iamtheone said:
Is Resident Evil 4 making an apearance on the UK gamecube?
The UK release date is 25th March.

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