How many dead pixels do you have?


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Hi there many people on the net are saying about dead pixs, i have one does any one else have this prob. it says u could have this prob in the english manual
cheers darren


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I've got two on my PSP that are pretty close together. Can barely notice them though. Can't say the same for the first JAP DS I owned though - massive blue stuck pixel on the top screen. Horrific it was. Luckily managed to sell it on and buy a replacement US one.


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I have got 5 all together but only 2 of them are noticeable when playing games they are near the middle but they are only small. :(

Andrew Mogford

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Links, I hope you informed your purchaser before selling to him!

I have a PSP and a DS but had them both pixel checked before purchase - so none for me! :thumbsup:


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I've got 1.. not noticeable during gameplay at all to be honest. Had 1 on my DS from videogamesplus too but they've swapped it for a pixel checked one (fantastic service!).


Indiana Jones

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I have about 3 dead pixels on mine, its very hard to tell ingame that they are there and the only reason I noticed them was when I was watching a converted widescreen film ,the top and bottom of the screen had black bars and the pixels showed up as white.


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Wonder how the samsung screens will be because samsung policy from jan05 is that if you find any dead pixels they will replace the screen but does this apply to the psp screens i doubt it some how just monitors and tvs i bet.


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I thought I had a dead pixel on my PSP and a dust problem until I decided to open it up. I discovered that there are small defects in the plastic covering the screen, not the LCD. The LCD was 100% perfect. The main defect looked like a black paint dot. There were smaller dots which came up as slightly white looking dots when using the PSP on the normal menu (which I thought were dust). I tried to remove the defects but they are imbedded in the plastic. Some of you may have this problem rather than a dead pixel problem. Especially if you don't really notice them when playing games/movies. I am sure Sony/Sharp must be pi**ed that some of their returns might have been caused by 5p worth of plastic.

From my point of view I was initially a bit unhappy about the screen until I discovered that the LCD screen was perfect. In the future I am sure we will be able to get replacement covers at some stage. . . . problem fixed. Until then I'll keep enjoying my PSP. It is still one awesome piece of kit.


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I wonder what the policies of UK retailers will be once this is released over here. Do you think they’ll happily exchange units with dead pixels (even if it only has one)? I wonder whether any of the mainstream retailers will even do pixel checks either?


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I also have about 1 dead pixel on the PSP and even worse on the DS, 1 on each screen! Having 2 screens also has its drawbacks.

DEV, I know exactly what you mean about the plastic cover not being perfect. I already returned one PSP coz the scratches on the cover (little black/white dots) where really anoying and distracting me every time i played anything.
My new one still has a dot or two but this time they arent in a bad place so ill bear with it.
Hopefully they will make an entire front panel we can remove and change.
They may disguise it as a way to customize your PSP by adding different colours and such. Same as what you can do with mobile phones.


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Got mine from ebay...can't see any dead pixels so if there is any they are too inconspicuous

Lovely bit of kit


Got my PSP last night at the PSP launch party here in NYC.
by the time I got home it was around 1:30AM....opened up my new PSP and DAMN!!! there they were 4 DEAD PIXELS!!! ah damn!! no f'en way! lol...
so I took me PSP back this morn...and to my surprise they exchanged it for a
new one!! NO DEAD PIXELS!!! WOO-HOO!!!
enjoy your dead pixels!!


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1, only really noticable on the menu. Not bothered about it really.

and NETCRAMMER, dead pixels form over time on displays like this, on lap tops, projectors etc.... so you may be lucky never to get one or you may atart getting them in the months to come. It happened with my laptop, still doesnt bother me though.



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i got 4 close by but you only notice them on the menu screen when playing games and watching video, wouldnt know they are they.

TBH i aint bothered :D

Gliese 581c

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out of 130,000+ pixels on the psp, i think its within tollerance levels to have 1 or 2 bad. I think having 1 bad is pretty good going. With some of you guys having 4 or 5 then for that I think it should be allowed to get returned.


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i just noticed a white dot on the screen of my psp. it seems that its under the screen window. how can i tell that its a dead pixel? when the psp is powered off, its still there. i thought if its a dead pixel it would only show up when the psp is on. cud it be a spec of dust?

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