How many 360 headsets have you been through?

rob roberts

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Last night my 4th 360 headset just packed up and would not work at all. Four in less than a year, my original xbox headset lasted two years without any problems so what is the fault with the new ones? I know I am not the only person to have had this problem so let me know of your views on the subject.


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Well the first one got vacumed up and exploded into little bits all over my front room, the second one lives in fear but is surviving so far.

Captain Speedy

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on my second one now, but the first had a falling out with my Jack Russell:thumbsdow


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360 one I have only had a month, but my original xbox one still lives, although it is superglued together (stood on it).


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I've never had any problems with any of the Xbox Live headsets. Most of my friends successfully managed to break theirs on more than one occasion though. Guess I was just lucky... :rolleyes:

Nivek TT

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My Xbox 360 headset broke within a month. I hated the thing anyway.

I now use the Halo 2 Plantronics headset along with a little mod I made from the Xbox 360 headset plug so I have the comfort of the Plantronics aswell as the mute and volume control of the original.

Although pricey, I thoroughly recommend the Plantronics. I forget its there. Only the upcoming wireless headset could tempt me to change.

I have a spare original xbox headset that I got with a live starter kit going free to a good home! Just PM me if interested.

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