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    I have a 'normal' pc which is relatively quiet (although still sounds lound to me). I am intending on buying a 28" Jvc crt tv and using the pc to drive the dvd and play games, all in lovely progressive scan. However, I don't know how loud I will have to listen to the tv and dvds to drown out the noise of my pc, so for this reason I am considering building an HCPC.

    But what I really want to know is if the noise levels will be an improvement of what I already have. Most of my pc currently is passively cooled resulting in heat but much less noise than before, problem is I have adjusted and it still sounds loud. So if anyone has sound figures for their dedicated HCPC's it would help me see if it is worth the switch.

    For comparison I will post my stats (measured next to my ear from my normal seating position by the pc):

    Fans set to low - 25.2 dB
    Fans at meduim -26.0 dB
    Fans at high -29.8 dB

    One thing that i think doesnt help with the noise is that the pc is in a sort of cubby hole which is reverberating the sound, but I don't know how much this affects the noise levels.

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