How long untill I can record?


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Dec 9, 2003
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Bristol, UK
Sky+ got installed this morning. Finished install @ 10am.

Its now 13:30. I still cant use the recording features.

How long does it take?

Also, what is the latest OS and EPG versions?

You should be able to record staight away. It means your card has not been updated with Sky+. Ring the Sky+ helpline to get them to activate your card. It should have been done by the engineer :(

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Im on the phone at the moment. They dont know why it doesnt work. :s

Apparently the HDD is faulty and i need a new box.

tbh i dont think the guy on the phone knew what he was really on about. He said my software was outdated and needed to be updated. The instructions he gave me were not for updating the software and it didnt update.

I have just forced and update and its doing it at the moment.

Does anybody know my exact problem and what to request. I will then phone them and get it sorted.

my problem with this was , i all ready had sky digital in another room. so when they fiitted sky+ in my bedroom they put new card in box i received day before, this was wrong new card went in old digital box and old sky card went in new sky+ box,

if you have a mirror sub make sure they activating the card that in the sky+ box not the card on your origonal contract.

took 4 phone calls to work this out.

hope this helps
I have a mirror sub. The old card is in my new Sky+ box and the new card is in the old standard box downstairs.

What do i need to ask sky to do?

match the recording feature to the card in sky+ box

when u phone up give them the card viewing number rather than your account number , or it confuses them,
I just done the software update and now i have no signal on input 2.


Maybe because of my card it shuts off input 2.

Or is this completely wrong?

best thing to do is get onto sky and get them to come out to sort it.

dont let him leave till everything is working.

did he ring sky from your house ? i was told he should have when he installed mine, but suprise he never,
Originally posted by jmack
best thing to do is get onto sky and get them to come out to sort it.

dont let him leave till everything is working.

did he ring sky from your house ? i was told he should have when he installed mine, but suprise he never,
Yeah he phoned them up.

The guy said it will take 20mins-2 hours for recording to work.

I just swapped the input one and input 2 leads over and still no signal on input two.

Therefore the box is the probelm and the problem only arose when i update to the new software.

I think its because Sky+ isnt activated on my card.

might sound silly buy can you see your dish, is one of the leads not conneted ?

i have 90% signal on both before the box and card were activated
I just checked the dish and all the leads are connected.

I swapped the two leads over. i.e. i put the lead that was in input one into input 2 and vice versa. Still no signal on input 2.

try swapping cards back. then phone them again. write both your veiwing card numbers down first, to see which one they trying to activate record funtions,

:( :( :( :(

horrible when your looking forward to something and they cant even get it right
I never swapped cards, the installers did.

Thanks for the help and advice so far...

I just phoned them and I have the correct card in my Sky+ box, the lady on the phone said she is sending out the signal for my sky+ features to be activated.

Wait and see i guess...

I loss my 2nd signal once. It was after I rebooted with a fault HDD. I changed the HHD and did a system reset and it came back. I beleive it's because the box can't detect the HDD so it turns off the 2nd signal.

You could try a full system reset. Services button. System setup. Whilst in this menu press 0 (zero) and then 1. This will take you into a service menu. Full reset in option 7. It formats the HDD which may help.

If if that doesnt work it's very likely you've you got a bad HDD. I'd get back on to them about coming out with a new box.

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They are coming out saturday anyway. Maybe the box is faulty?

I have done the full reset. The screen has now gone blank. How long should i wait?

Why does nothing ever work first time?

If the HDD is OK, it will show "House Keeping" for about 5 minutes and then reset it's self. It will be on stand by, RED light on the front. You press the Sky button and it should come on like it's just been reset (i.e. looking for channel etc.)

If when you did the full reset it started with the "house keeping" message and then went blank after about 10 seconds. I'm afraid it looks like you have the same problem I did. A faulty HDD. You can do a power reset and get it to come back on and use it as a normal sky box. At least yours in the warranty period, mine was 2 years old and I had the pay for the new HDD myself.

I am sorry that this has happened. Don't be too dishearted. Sky+ is a great toy, I couldn't be without it.

Too Tall.
The housekeeping message only appeared for about 2 seconds.

There is nothing on the drive anyway.

Can't anybody get it right?
I have now had 2 faulty DVD players aswell!

All of the help and advice has been much appreciated.

Yes. The house keeping message appeared for around 2 seconds. It then went into stand-by.

I left it for 5 mins then switched it on.

Exactly the same.

Unfortunately sounds like your right. :(

They are bringing a new box on saturday.


do you have the newer v2 box? Mine first box, v1, did not work out-of-the-box. Engineer orgainsed to have it replaced and was back with a new one within a week.

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