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As a complete newbie, I've just bought a camcorder for an upcoming holiday. (Going to Zimbabwe for 4 weeks.)

My silly question is .. how many tapes do you think I'll need?

I know the obvious answer .. (see subject :) but I'd just like to get a ballpark figure.

E.g. For 35mm film, experience tells me I average 18 snaps a day plus 3-4 extra rolls in reserve.

So, when you're on holiday do you tend to record 1 hour a day? 10 minutes? Is there a reasonable average?

Apologies for the vagueness of the question ... I hope it's offset a little by the extreme depth of my ignorance and complete lack of experience.


my first post back to a fellow n00b...and i'm not sure whether it's advice or not - but heres my two penneth...!

i'm guessing that your camcorder is digital, in which case the tapes themselves are if your lucky enough to be going to Zimbabwe for FOUR WEEKS (!!!) then why not take as many tapes as you can jam in your bags! surely it's better to come back with a few unused tapes than miss something fantastic through lack of a handy tape while your out there!

have a GREAT holiday!



On a TWO week trip I would usually take a pack of five tapes and usually fill 2-3, As a first time user you will propably take quite a lot of more video that you will as you become more experienced - I would think in terms of 10 tapes for your 4 week trip.

We went to Zimbabwe 5 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it although I do think your a bit brave going there at the present time in view of that countries current political state. Highlight of our trip was the "Flight of the Angels" an aircraft trip in a four seater over Niagra Falls.


It also depends on how much time you'll have to go over your tapes in between sessions. In between shots, you can always review your tapes and rewind over uninteresting stuff, overwriting it.

Course, if you're going to "film it and forget it" until you get back, it's probably best to take more tapes than you think you'll need, unless you're strapped for space.

In my short time as a digital camcorder owner, I've found that I'm more limited by my battery life than my tapes.


Thanks for that folks :)
I've got about 18 tapes now which seems far too much based on what you've said .. but much better than the alternative :(

Beejaycee .. not so much brave as necessary (visiting SOs family), but I'm from Northern Ireland and things are rarely as bad as they appear on the news ... (unless you're Victoria Beckham)

As far as I can find out (on lonely-planet etc) locals are mostly pleased to see any tourists at all, all things considered.

BTW My camera is a JVC gr-d70 .. (£309 RGB direct .. hurrah!)
(£10 for delivery to Edinburgh .. boooo!)

Thanks again

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