How long do Panasonic plasma TVs last?


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How long do Panasonic plasma TVs last? :(
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How long's a piece of string.
It depends what you mean by “last”.
Do you mean before they break down, are dead and aren't economical to repair?
Or before the pictures deteriorates and is unwatchable?
My 10 year old TH-37PX80B Plasma was still working with an acceptable picture when I sold it locally for £50 last November.
Some later Panasonic Plasma's weren’t as reliable but at the end of the day it's down to pure luck.


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my 42phd8 is still going, its in the dining room and the mrs uses when she is using her sewing machine. not reallly done a side by side comparison but the motion is better for sports on the plasma than my samsung 4k tv


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My Panasonic GT30 lasted about 7.5 years before it developed a fault and I took the opportunity to replace it with an OLED.

I think it's a known issue for which replacement aftermarket components are available so it might actually be fixable - I just haven't got round to sorting it out yet.


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I have a Panasonic V20 on my bedroom wall, it's 10 years+ old and there is nothing wrong with it.


My Brother has a Pana PHD9 in the bedroom, still going strong. My mothers Pio 427XD still produces a very good Picture after all these years.


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I've still got my 42" PX70 which is over 10 years old. It's been relegated to a bedroom TV but still does the job extremely well.


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My old 42PX70 is at my parents, and my old 50PZ70 is at a mates house, both are around 10 years old. My 50GT50 @ 8 years old is still going strong as my kitchen TV


Panasonic claim an expected lifetime of 100,000 hours for their last few generations of plasma panels (2011 models onward if I remember correctly).

My VT30 (2011 model year) is at approx. 16,000 hours usage and still going strong.

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My 2007 Fujitsu P42XHA58EB (which utilises a Panasonic panel) is still going strong - with the addition of various HDFury devices over the years it has stayed 'compatible' with any Source I want to use it with.



I had g10 I am not sure when I got it , propably 2009-2010 . I gave my friend last month, everything is ok with tv.
From other side I have much younger p50gt60 , last launched panasonic plasma ,
There are white dots in startup tv


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I have a GT50 in our bedroom, it has never had an issue and is still my go to set for sport.


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Only problem i have had with Panasonic 46” is the transformer buzz noise. I had mine fixed and tv still in use


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My main tv is a th 37px60 which is now 14 years old. The tv guide doesn't work properly anymore but appart from that it's still working fine. I'm watch the thing on netflix on it right now.


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I'm pretty sure my old PWD6 from 2003 is still going strong.
My GT50 from 2012 produces a stunning picture.

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