how long do LCD projectors last?


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i am looking to buy a LCD pj at about the 1500-2000 mark probally the sanyo z1.
how long would be the life span of the machine?i know the bulbs need changing but i mean actual electronics and what normally goes?do the dead pixels get worse over time?is it worth getting a extended g'tee?
any info would be cool.

Walter mitty

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Hmmm your answer maybe in the lenth of a piece of string


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well how long have other peoples lasted?as long as tv sets or less?


people tend to upgrade em much quicker than a TV .
A 4 year old Projector is very old technology wise!! so would now be very out of date.CRT tv technology doesnt change that quickly and is very old in fact/

I would imagine it would last like any other equipment based on its build quality and treatment.

CRT projectorss do last for a long time which can be measured as they are an old an established technology.
However all projectors need to be maintained properly

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