How long can Sky charge for plus?

Stereo Steve

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I have Sky+ with Movie World and I have come to the conclusion that I don't really want to pay for TV anymore (apart from the license). I won't miss much of the Sky package except for + and the general interface, which is miles ahead of Freeview.

So, do I cancel the main packange and keep paying SKy £10 a month to use their plus box, or do I bin it all and get a freeview PVR and never pay again?

I'm tempted to do the latter as I think it's a bit of a rip off to charge for something that costs them very little. I can see them having to offer it for free in the future as PVR's get better. Anyone care to speculate on when that may be?


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When more people actually choose to do what you are mooting doing. They'll carry on charging (and increasing their prices) for their various (overpriced IMO) services until they start losing market share. Only then will they re-think their strategy - if it ever happens.


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Still got SKY+?
Thought you had made ya mind up to get rid of it weeks ago:)

The SKY+ fee will vanish sooner or later as and when the market dictates and that could be quite soon as there are at least three twin tuner HD DTT boxes with 7day EPG just around the corner.
If it's a matter of just plugging in a DTT box then I would in your place just pay the SKY+ fee for a month or so until these DTT boxes enter the market.

Stereo Steve

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You're on to me.

I'm in temporary accomodation at the mo with no TV aerial, just a sky dish so I'm keeping it until my house is completed, where I am installing both options. Jus ttrying to work out what to do then.

I'm tempted to keep the plus box in the hope that they will drop the sub in a year or so. Or, I could flog it, save the tenner and buy a freeview PVR.

It's really just the freeview EPG and interface I'm not convinced about. I'm waiting to see what the new Panasonic PVR is like.


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I still believe that 4TV EPG will work right out of the box and be funded with a little onscreen advertising which guarantees it's long term use. If the STB can also handle the Freeview EPG as well then all the bases are covered:)

I still have a analogue tuner/VCR setup which needs replacing and it's definetley going to be a Freeview PVR type product, still got my eyes on the Fusion FVRT100 but the Panasonic has the brand name behind it. It may come down to who is first to the market:)

Stereo Steve

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I have somehow ended up with a Panasonic DVD Recorder, a Panasonic PJ and a Panasonic LCD TV so I'm thinking it will integrate better. I also need a remote with those coloured buttons for input selection on the TV and I'm assuming the Panasonic STB remote will have those.

I'm not a huge Panasonic fan or anything, just the way it's worked out.

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