How Long Before Drobo Supports Thunderbolt ?


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So with Thunderbolt now available on both the MBP and iMac I wonder how long it will be before we see this technology creep into other devices - namely NAS drives?

I was planning a Drobo at the centre of my connected universe, but since it's going to be the core storage array for years to come I want to make sure it's as future proof as possible.




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I'm not sure about the truth to this but I read on the QNAP forums that Thunderbolt would be a no go as it is not a master-slave system like USB, so say they do implement Thunderbolt anyone who comes along with a Thunderbolt computer would have full access to the NAS bypassing any security.

Thunderbolt is more useful to Mac's than PC's because it basically an external PCI-e x4 bus and Mac's have very limited hardware expansion options (other than Mac Pro) so it makes sense for DAS or other external hardware but I cant ever see it being more than a niche interface particularly if the above is true.


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I can see it taking off bigtime for PC's wouldn't you want say 8 identical sockets that you can remap how you like, video output, network, storage devices on any socket you like that just adapts to whats connected, and much faster than anything out there. As for on a NAS will probs take a while, I use a HP Microserver so could add a PCI-E one I guess should I need to (unlikely for the next few years).

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