How likely is the KD65XH9005BU to come down in price on Black Friday


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I read that TV's often come down in price for Black Friday which I sort of knew anyway.

Does this apply to popular sets above 65' though? How much in previous years would you be looking at for similar sets?

Oh and £300 ish soundbars too if I may.

I realise this isn't an exact science so I may well be asking "how long is a piece of string" and if so, sorry about that.



It's certainly a trend, and if it isn't Black Friday it will be the Xmas/Jan sales. Usually when people buy before then, they over pay quite a bit...i've seen as much as 40%.

Regarding the size, 55" is most popular, but 65" not far behind now. So you can still expect some good deals. Nothing is ever guaranteed and they'll be bigger drops on TVs from Korean/Japanese manufacturers than Chinese since the profit margin is bigger for those.

Not really that adept with Soundbars, but its probably a similar kind of thing with those. If you pick up a 2019 model now you'd get a good discount compared to a 2020 model. But if you want a 2020 model you can also wait for some discounts in the upcoming sales. There's a forum section for soundbars here:

And reviews here: Soundbar Reviews

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I'm not saying you won't see a discount, but TVs above 65" are normally discounted proportionally less than the 50-65" TVs.

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