How like you does your Mii look?


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Now I don't know if it's good or bad, but my Mii looks scarily like me. Maybe that means there are loads of options to customise your Mii. Maybe it means I look like a cartoon character. :suicide: My wifes Mii looks nothing like her though.

How accurate are yours?


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I can't get mine to look fat enough.

But otherwise, the head looks exactally like me, even my mum said "oh Andrew, that looks just like you!"


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This was one of the things I was most surprised about when we got the Wii plugged in and started messing around with it. The pictures I had seen of Mii s before then had all seemed to be a bit wacky and Japanese, and I hadn't expected to have many options that could actually make it look like a real person.

How wrong I was! Everyone who has set up a Mii on our console so far is instantly recognisable, as were those of the Mii s who wondering in from the parade.

They are much more fun than I expected them to be, and it always raises a giggle when you see your own Mii fall over playing tennis, or hanging on for dear life whilst cow racing :rotfl:


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my Mii looks scarily like me.

Same here! It's like a cartoon mirror! :smashin:

Also managed to get instantly recognisable Miis of my parents, but my daughters and girlfriend don't translate so well. Maybe with a bit of work...

I think it could be difficult to recreate some extravagant ladies' hair-do's!

Not a problem for me - I have a "hair-don't"...

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