How I fixed slow internet speeds on LGCX


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i had a separate thread asking for help with this issue and thanks to what i learned from that i went from speed tests of 200'ish average pings and 5-8'ish mbps download speeds to 20mbps speeds.

but TODAY, thanks to geek squad tech support coming to my house, my new official speed on my new LGCX is 112.11 Mbps download, 12.79 upload, and a ping of 29.9ms....and my tv is in a bedroom, upstairs, on the opposite end and opposite corner of the house where my modem is at!

i'm leaving this post here for any other new owners of the amazing LGCX. The OS sucks but everything else about this TV is amazing.

How was this fixed?

1. Get a three node package of eero pro mesh network kit.

2. Setup the node network according to the instructions.

3. Give the LGCX operating system the middle finger because it's absolute trash and plug an amazon fire stick in one of the HDMI ports

4. Get a 6 pack of beer and some vodka and celebrate cuz now your LGCX has wicked fast internet without having to run an ethernet cord through your house.

ALERT! Edit from OP:
the above steps is NOT how you fix this! the above instructions is more like a bandaid but not the actual solution. i figured out the real solution and it as follows:

1. position first node next to internet modem
2. position second node in center of house
3. position third node in bedroom with LGCX
4. activate the ad blocker feature in the eero pro node kit

it really is that simple. it wasn't the TV, it was me, a noob to smart TVs and noob to mesh network devices and not following the instructions CORRECTLY.

also i still reccomend the beer and vodka cuz why not lol
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That's not exactly a fix for the TV as you’re not using it for streaming, you’re using the Firestick.


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ok guys i sincerely apologize. i feel like a complete moron lol. i did some more tinkering and figured out how to get wicked fast internet on the LGCX without having to resort to using fire stick. instead of placing mesh network node #2 of 3 in the bedroom beneath me, i repositioned it to the hallway on the second floor which is the exact center of the house square foot wise, and activated an ad blocker that's a feature of the eero pro nodes and BAM! I got Ping of 14ms, download speed of 154.60mbps and upload speed of 11.84 Mbps.

That's the last time i use geek squad for tech support.

the OS doesn't suck, i'm just a friggin noob when it comes to smart TVs, LMAO
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