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Is there a recomended distance from the floor to the bottom of the screen with a ceiling mounted pj or is it just personal?:lease:


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Really there's no hard and fast rules - it's entirely personal, and often down to what restraints your room (or wife, spouse, tyranical other half) puts on the install.

Best bet is to sit at the viewing position and wherever your eyes fall most comfortably, aim for that point as the center of the screen.

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I seem to remember reading that viewers eye height should be 30% of screen height from bottom edge of screen, I'm sure someone has the correct numbers somewhere...I'll have a browse later

please see this thread...discusses this very item

Home Cinema - a pain in the neck?

assumptions are :-
Screens are 16:9, screen measurements are diagonals
Mounting Height is distance from bottom edge of visible screen area to floor
Calculations are based on viewers eye height of 37 inches (which amused my wife when I wandered into living room with tape to find out)

Screen Size / Mounting Height
68inch / 25.89inch
72 / 25.23
78 / 24.25
84 / 23.27
88 / 22.62
92 / 21.97
106 / 19.68
120 / 17.39
150 / 12.49

when the screen is mounted at this height the viewers eyeline will be exactly 1/3 of way up the screen, if your eye height is different eg then add or subtract difference from the table eg 36 inch eye height would give a 84 inch screen a mounting height of 22.27 inch


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