how high to mount a plasma screen


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hi,as the title suggests i am wondering how high to mount my screen, your answers could win me an arguement..........i have built a new living room on my house 7 metres by 5 metres and are in the process of sorting out plasma position so all trunking can be cut in the blockwork prior to me plastering the room out..


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It is very tempting to mount plasmas high up on the wall like you would a picture or mirror but the viewing angle can be uncomfortable (imagine sitting in the front row of the cinema). I suppose the middle of the screen should be level with your line of site at you sitting position but then the plasma could look a little strange that low. I have mine somewhere in between the two and it looks great and provides comfortable viewing.


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Use a template the exact size of you plasma and stick it on the wall. Give it a couple of days and see what is best for you.

Other method is to sit / veg out on sofa. Close eyes and move head around a little and then leave your head in a comfy position. Open eyes and see where you are looking!


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Good advice from RobbieTT. Don't try convincing yourself it looks at the right height when it's actually too high. You'll hurt your neck.



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There is a rule I heard from few dealers.
Switch all the lights off and sit on the watching position. Try to look direct into the wall where the screen should be for half a minute.
Switch the light on and average height you were watching to should be one third from the bottom.

I know at least five people who did this and it workd fine for them. Of course if the rest of your furniture allows this placement.

Cutting a piece of paper of plasma size also does fine, as adviced above.

There is anotehr :) rule: "Honey I buy plasma and you decide on position :)"


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:thumbsup: To save making a template......... I'm not sure if they are all standard sizes but my 'for sale' board that was advertising my flat (the ones supplied by the estate agent) measures exactly 42" across and will make a great template for when I decide on what position to have the screen!!! :hiya:


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My local Pioneer dealer gave me a huge poster with representations of the 43" and 50" model Pioneer plasmas on it, you just fold it appropriately using the guidelines on the poster. A for sale board is just as good :)


All sound advice. The 'official line' is to put the eye level 1/3 from the bottom of the screen, but it must be influenced by furiture style, ie sit upright or lean back, other furniture, obstructions, and personal preference. Just remember it's a telly not a piece of art, and this is your home, where you sit down, not a show home where you rarely if ever do, and all will be well.


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we went through this dilema (pwd7) and settled on around 42" from the floor to bottom of screen (width of the screen off the floor). this makes the centre of the screen just above the centre of the wall. its perfect from 12' away :thumbsup:

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