How high should I mount surrounds (image attached) 5.1


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I have a 5.1 set up with my sofa against the wall. I have been using a pair of cheap M10 bookshelf speakers mounted on stands as shown in the picture but with a baby starting to crawl they have to go. I have purchased a pair of cambridge audio minx min12's (Cambridge Audio Minx MIN12 (Black))
due to the size and I intend to mount them to the wall, I didn't want the larger M10's going on the wall, bit of an eye sore.

My question, if I am wall mounting how high should they go? And as you can see they will be behind me due to wall legnth. Would I be better putting them on stands (much smaller if they were pulled).



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If you would put them on stands i think they would need to shoot each other cause so close to listeners and it just isn`t good idea generally to have effect speakers firing near ears. Another old school trick is to have them on rear walls shooting up so the effects bounces from rear wall and ceiling to listeners giving less directional effects. When i had Minx Min 10s surrounds i had them quite high on rear walls like you have in picture, the Minx bracket let`s you angle them anywhere you want. It´s tough to say what would be the optimal height as some people have them under the ceiling for better blending and easier to hide the wires. Mounting them is little extra work over the stands (4 small holes on wall per bracket) and hiding the wires with white trunking:

Bit suprised you didn`t go for white 12s though as they would almost disappear with white wall..

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