How hi-end can i build? DIY Subs


Hello friends,

Music gives me life. I consume a lot of it. I have a simple setup that i am moderately satisfied with. This is build not for a home theatre but simply listen to music.

I have a pair of Bowers & Wilkins CM6 S2 ( I know, not ideal, will be working on this next). I love the clean, rich, punchy sound they produce but do lack some depth in the bass. This is why i have chosen to DIY build two subs to match my needs.

Im looking to build two reasonably high-end subs, with a budget of about 1200$. Something that helps me in the low frequencies but even more so gives me a rapid, punchy and tight bass. Ive been reading a lot and it seems to only make me feel dumber than I was before.

I just cant wrap my head around what drivers to get. Size wise i want to keep it small. So im landing on 12". I was thinking a sealed sub, but understood its a lot harder. I have no idea what SPL or sensitivity to go for. What is reasonable? Like i stated, i want it tight and punchy with more depth than i have today.

I understood it is easier to use external amps. Not sure what to look for here.
For the cabinet. My friend is a master cabinet maker and will help with this as long as i provide instructions.
I want to build the most high end pair of subs for my need, Im all up for buying used gear too.

Here is what i know:
  • I want two subs
  • I want the sound to be tight and punchy and as deep as it can go but keeping it tight.
  • I want them as small as possible
  • Primarily used in a room of about 2000 cubic feet.
  • Budget 1200$

Here is where i have been looking for drivers: German site, Polish site, another german site.

I really appreciate all the help and I hope I’m in the right place.


/Nikodem from Sweden.


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I would have a look the Volt B2549's, excellent for subwoofers. For a ported design you'll need approximately 40 litre enclosure, this will give the deepest bass. if you want a faster response with a bit less output then you'll need to look at a sealed enclosure type box, use the specs of the woofer driver and free software to calculate box dimensions etc. Building your own is good fun but can get a little complicated and if you don't choose the correct size enclosure it will not sound right. Building GOOD speakers and subs is a bit of a black art which is why most people just buy ready made.
A good way to power them cheaply and efficiently if you go the passive route is with something like a Crown XLS drivecore amp which has built in filters.

For that kind of money though you could just buy 2 ready built and very good XXLS400's from BK with a 2 year warranty and still have some change.

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Hi Nikodem,
What else is in the chain if it's a music system?
For quality bass, eq makes such a massive difference in pretty much any room. Also, the ability to set the crossover and possibly delays are important to have a seamless super speaker. For AV users a lot of this functionality is in the receiver but not so for HIFI systems.
What sort of music do you listen to and at what sort of spl?


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I recommend two ported subwoofer with Bms18s450 in 110>130 liters net.tuned to 25hz.
With one central or lateral flor slot port high 6cm. wide 25cm. long 50cm.Air speed at 1500W 20meter/second, 5 cm. of medium polyfil on each wall except the one with the driver.Very damped subwoofer come out that sound like those in a closed box with the advantage of ported.Musical dry and narrow bass hitting the chest and hair!!!💪💪👍👍😅😅

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