How good is this? Cheap and cheerful...


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anybody? Or am I pushing the tight budget too far?? I know I'll need speakers on top, but reckon I can get a pretty good set up (with wires as necessary) for the £150 that's left over.

Any thoughts?


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You have some nice kit there, so I just wonder whether its worth saving up a while longer so you have more of a budget to play with? Would be a shame if you can't make the most of your system. Whilst the amp you mention is probably a capable performer, it is at the lower end of the scale and will have its limits. It has been superceded by better technology. It may also be difficult to find a set of 5.1 speakers plus decent cabling to really do your system justice within your budget. Although you don't relly have to go for speaker cable that costs the earth for a metre long length, you may still have to pay two to three pounds per metre to make it worthwhile. Plus you'll want reasonable cables to connect your seperates together.
Maybe consider some second hand/ex display kit? You can certainly pick up some bargains from retailers or even eBay.
Just my opinion though.....!


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Agree with above, you'll get more out of your money mixing old and new:


The amp you've chosen should be just fine for now, when you decide to upgrade later you could put it up on ebay and get most of your money back that way.

With the remainder of the cash you could look out for a really cheap active sub on ebay etc. At this sort of price level I wouldn't be too fussed about high quality cables, maplins do a reasonable speaker cable roll for around £10 although the package above might come with cables. You could pick up optical/coax, stereo, component, hdmi cables on ebay for dirt cheap.

I put together a 5.1 system for even less than your budget and my inlaws seem well chuffed by it. :)


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Thank you both for the tips. I'm going to be paying off the TV for some time to come, otherwise I would definitely up the budget.

You've given me food for thought!

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