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How good is the Roksan K3 phono stage?


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Morning hifi-ers,

My dilemma is this - I have a pretty comprehensive Roksan setup which I’m delighted with. I’m currently thinking of upgrading my Systemdek turntable (circa 1990) so I’d like an idea of just how good the phono stage is - or could be - with a better arm and cartridge.

So far I’m considering the Origin Live Onyx arm and a Goldring 1042 cartridge, both seem very highly rated so if I were to go that route I’ve no doubt I’d be happy with the results. However, were I to opt for an MC cartridge (which I’ve never used and know nothing about), I would need a separate phono stage and cartridge, both of which I’d need plentiful advice on. I’ve been looking at the Goldring 2300 series cartridges with this in mind.

So, over to you guys - what are your thoughts?


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yes, how good IS Roksan k3 phono stage compared to eg Rega Fono?


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As a quick update, I ended up selling the Systemdek and bought a used Rega RP6 instead. I also purchased the OL Onyx arm and a Goldring 1042 cartridge too. I tried it straight into the K3 phono stage and instantly it was a huge step ahead of the Systemdek, as you would expect, but I thought it could do better.

I found a used Rega Fono MM stage for around £100, connected it up and the transformation was immediate. The sound was SO much clearer, more detailed and much more refined. The phono stage of the K3 sounded muddy in comparison, so, in short, buy a Rega Fono. As a comparison my CD player is the best I’ve ever heard (not that I’ve tried that many) but my turntable is now noticeably better and much more musical sounding. Buying the Rega Fono is about the best £100 I’ve spent on my hi-fi.

Hope that helps!


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i have a roksan k2 and I connect my technics 1210 gr & AT 540ml cart through its phono input. I recently had a graham slee reflex m on loan. initially i thought the difference was subtle but after returning the reflex m and going back to the k2's phone stage, the difference was much more noticeable. basically I'm now saving up for a reflex m.

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