How good is the Mac G4 sound card?


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My flatmate has the Apple Mac G4 notebook laptop. Now I'm a huge audiophile who has a system worth £4000 and am never one for compromising too much on sound quality in order to get convenience. But I have consider what my first step will be when I start moving all of my music to hard drive. Streaming is something that I'll probably do because I will no doubt often be using my laptop while playing music. The only top end device on the market is the Slim Devices Transporter at £1300. The next best offerings are the Squeeze box and several other offerings at the sub £200 area like Logitechs streamer.

I have a couple of questions. My flatmate said to me that we should just get the Apple airport box and I laughed at him saying that the DAC in the Mac will be terrible and the airport box won't quite be up to scratch. And this wouldn't work as it would be a serious downgrade from my Orelle CD100 evo which has two 24 bit DACs. Am I right in making the assumption that the sound card in the G4 will not be comparable to even the cheapest cd separate player?

Secondly, how do streamers work? Do they convert the signal into analogue before streaming it or do they stream the music digitally and then pass it through the DAC? What I'm wondering is that could I harness the streaming power of say the Squeezebox and then rather than using the DAC in the Squeezebox feed the digital signal to a separate DAC?


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