How good is Denon 2200 or 2900 CD playback


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just got 2803 Denon Amp and am using my sony dvd player to play cd`s. looking to better my performance in CD playback mainly. Would Either of these players outperform a 200uqid CD player?


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Denon 2900 is pretty good on CD seeing as though it is a do-it-all player, even better are the Arcam players, but you are looking nearer 1k...

Also conisder the Phillips 963 or Harmon Kardon players...

Probs best to have a demo...



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Hi you two. :)

From what I've read and been told (and soon to test myself), the Harman Kardon DVD25 and DVD30 (DVD-Audio) are supposed to be extremely close to the new Arcam CD player that costs about £400 (I forgot its reference).
If you shop around you can get the DVD2550 - same as DVD25 but with bottom half in silver finish - for £250 (rrp £350).
The rrp for the DVD30 is £450.

I do not know how much of a difference they would make compared to the Sony via the Denon though.

P.S: chipster is selling a DVD25 in the classified forum. ;)

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