How good are you at Tony Hawk games?

Seriously. What's you best combo with your best character? Also, what's your best score in 2 minutes?

Best Combo: 13, 567, 894 points
Character: Custom character called Matthew Day

Best score in 2 minutes: 120,467, 219 points
Character: Custom character called Matthew Day

Trust me, it's possible. My mate's still beating me. His best combo is like 20 million and his best score is 130 million.

How'd I do this? Easy, replace the rubbish flip and grab tricks with the following: Indy Nosebone, One Foot Japan, Del Mar Indy, Madonna. Flip tricks with: Fingerflip, Varial Kickflip, Frontside Shuv It and a 360 flip. Just keep a nice combo going with some great specials. Don't do the 900. Replace it with the Indy 900. More points.


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How many tricks are you doing to get a combo of about 13 million? (on average, obviously)
At least 50 mate. I don't hold manual tricks either. As soon as I do one, I very quickle switch to another one.


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50? Is that all...Something doesn't seem right with that.

No offence but I'm very suspicious about a 13,000,000 point combo in just 50 tricks.

I've done combos with over 100 tricks in them (all special grabs, grinds and manual variations) and 'only' got a combo of 2,500,000

And you shoudn't switch from one manual to another without letting your points build up and getting your balance right
Well I don't count my tricks! Wait, I'll just go and count them if you'd be happy. Okay, I've counted at least 200 tricks. One of my combos went about 5 minutes longer than the time allowed. If you get a combo started just before the time ends, the time's infinite until you finish/bail the combo. Which version did u have ur high score on? Mine's on T.H.U.G.

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