How good are the Monitor Audio Silver S5


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Hi :hiya:

I've read a few favourable reviews for these speakers, and now I am in the position of buying a pair. They are second-hand, but in good condition.

Would they work well with the monitor audio bronze b2's as rears? And what sort of price does anyone think I should pay for them, bearing in mind they are second hand?

Has anyone here got them, and what do they really think of them?




new they are £450, listened to them today run in fully for first time. Excellent speakers, I would pay £300 - £350 max if they are A1.


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second that,

fully run in they are just great.

I haven't seen any reviews od these yet, can you point me in the direction of the ones you have read? I my experience the S6 and 8 seem to be reviewed quite a bit but never seen one on the 5!


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I think I had my wires slightly crossed.

These are the "old" Silver series, and the S5 from the old series are only 100W :(

I think i'm going to pass on them as my Bronze B2's are 100W so the Silvers won't make much difference to them being the fronts.

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