How far away should the fireplace be



My apologies if this is listed elsewhere. i did a general search on fireplaces and distance and couldn't find a satisfactory answer so if it's here just point me to it. :)

I'm building a house and would like to put a Samsung DLP TV in the family room. Now the dimensions on the room is 17 by 15 and a direct vent Heat & Glo fireplace is going on the far 15' wall.


I'm thinking for the flow of the room it would be cool to put the TV in the corner by the fireplace, but I'm worried about how much heat the fireplace is going to through off and how that could affect the TV.

If I don't put it there, it's going in the corner on the opposite wall of the powder room (kitchen side).

Will this be an issue? What are some rules of thumb I should take into consideration?

Thanks in advance.


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Seriously dont think it will be a problem regading heat, the samsung will have been designed with those sort of considerations in mind.

However, with a basement like that you should be running a dlp front projector down there!! Go for the 80" screen in the basement ;)


thanks. Hopefully t will be a nice house. The basement will be used for a game room etc.
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