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How Easy to Flash Bios?


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Hi all, i'm thinking about upgrading my E4500 to a E7300. My Gigabyte board would need the bios upgrading tho.

How easy is it to flash? Would I lose any data/need to reinstall windows?

Thanks friends :thumbsup:


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BIOS updates are easy as long as they go well. With Gigabyte, DO NOT use their Windows BIOS update software and certainly not if you are on Vista. Killed my board stone dead doing that, done hundreds of BIOS updates, first BIOS failure.....

They have a floppy based update option, use that, much safer.

Once it have gone smoothly, there is no need to re-install anything, you may need to reset some BIOS options like drive order as they are usually reset to factory as part of the flashing.



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All you need is a usb memory stick with the latest BIOS on it. Go into the BIOS and select update. Point it to the memory stick and off you go. :smashin:

BTW if you rig is overclocked or you have changed some of the settings in the BIOS, set the BIOS back to default settings before flashing it.


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It is not difficult but you will see plenty of advice telling you not to do so unless you have a problem with your motherboard

The reason being that if you make a mistake, or by some chance get the wrong update that does not fit your motherboard you can, as the last poster described, kill your motherboard for all time. Even a glitch in the power supply during the process can do it

This is by no means me telling you not to do it, just to be aware of the dangers and ENSURE the upgrade you download is the correct one


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Its a doddle to flash you motherboard bias as long as you follow the instructions. Make sure you use a dos based flash utility not the windows version as there somewhat unreliable and make sure noone in the house is likely to do anything that might short out the power, interupting the flash processes is usually fatal.


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Wish me luck! :eek:

Read your motherboard manual first so you'll know the details - it'll be available for download at the Gigabyte site if you haven't got a copy. Lots of Gigabyte boards come with 2 or more bios chips as an insurance against a bad flash - which relieves some of the worry. If your electric wiring is prone to playing up it might be an idea to take the computer round to a friends house for the flash, using a surge protector might lessen the odds of things going pear shaped too. Good luck and don't forget to post back with the gory details of your ordeal:D
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