How does the A80/A90 stack up against the Rotel RA-03?


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Hi, posted a similar thread elsewhere on the general Hi-fi forum, but hoping to get a focused and experienced view on the Arcam owners area....:)

I am running B&W 602 S3's with QED Revelation cables terminated with Airlok's at the moment into a cheap denon amp. I need a secondhand integrated amp to do the speakers some sort of justice.

Does anyone have opinions of the RA-03 versus the Arcam A85/A90?

I gather Rotel and Arcam are a good pairing but obviously buying secondhand prevents me from auditioning easily.

Arcam of course have a fantastic following, but I have never owned this make. Should I hold on for an Arcam on the secondhand market and will an A80 or A90 make a good pairing?

I listen to pretty much ALL music genres, but prefer good bass weight.

Many thanks. :cool:

michael 38

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i dont know what rotel amps sound like but i have a a80
+ p80 combo and it sounds good, i see your after a a85 or a90 which should have good bass or a NAD C326BEE i think an a85 or a90 will cost a lot more than the nad even secondhand but should sound a lot better as these were the top of the range arcam amps of the time + should sound good with the b&ws


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Thanks for the info Michael. I decided against a Rotel RA-03 I had my eye on. I think my heart wants an Arcam... so I will keep looking for a bargain. I've seen a few historical eBay auctions and I think I will find something not too much dearer than a new NAD C326BEE.... hopefully. :smashin:


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I am hoping to find one on here Michael, as I am not a big fan of eBay at all :thumbsdow. I know most people on here respect and care for their kit too.

Hopefully someone will want to move one on to a good home.....
(subtle hint to any A85/A90 owners with the upgrade bug :devil:)

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