How does RS232 connections work for controlling stuff?


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I've noticed over the years that various bit of hardware have RS232 controlling ports on the back.

Am I correct in thinking you can hook up your video switch to your processor and have one as like a remote control master? so the master sends a signal to other devices via rs232 telling them all to do something, i.e. switch channel?



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RS232 as i understand it is for contolling individual bits of kit from a dedicated control system, such as a Crestron, not for simply looping through signals to make it all work from one control/remote (unless that control is part of a control system).

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The kind of control you are referring to is more appropriate to RS-485; indeed 485 multidrop is used in quite a lot of professional and security video gear for control/switching.

Chris Muriel, Boston (normally Manchester)

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Hello Dan Mason

Serial Ports can be used in many ways - RS232 enabled devices have uni or bi-directional Comms with a control system; where the control system is used to control and monitor other devices.

Some RS232 enabled devices can be used to act as a mini controller for other RS232 enabled devices.

Where you have one or two RS232 enabled devices in your Home Theatre that don't include any form of on-board programmability you don't require an expensive Whole House control system - there are mini programmable hubs from the likes of Aurora Multimedia; see


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