How does Overscan off look on your Plasma? (all makes and models please!)

Ian Dudley

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There has been some discussion in the thread below about the various artefacts that appear at the edge of the screen on a Panasonic PZ70 when overscan is switched off, e.g. a series of white or green lines along the top edge of the screen.

I had assumed this was a normal thing to find in the overscan area of a broadcast and was likely teletext or some other signal riding piggyback on the transmission. hence overscan should normally only be disabled for HD sources such as upscalled DVD or HD-DVD/BD.

But according to a poster in the thread below, apparentley this stuff shouldn't be visible on the screen even with overscan switched off, and the Panasonic is the only brand which does this?

So the question is, can owners of non-Panasonic sets which have the option to switch off overscan please comment on whether they see noise and artefacts at the edge of broadcast transmissions when overscan is switched off?


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Ian, you are right, other guy is wrong. This is entirely source dependant. I get it from skyHD, and a cheap upscaling dvd on all 1080p screens I have seen. HD DVD and Blu-ray do not show it, nor does upscaled DVD from a Tosh EP30.

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