How does Denon link do video?

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Aug 30, 2005
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I have just purchased a 3910, and have decicded I am going to buy the 3806 when available.

I know that the audio over denon link is superior to many other connections, but doe anyone know the answers to these...

1. Does it even work with video?
if it does...
2. Is it any good?
3. Does it transfer analog or digital signals?
4. Does it carry upscaled output?
5. Can it carry dolby digital and pictures like hdmi can?

thanks for your help!
Denon Link is digital audio only. It will transfer Dolby, DTS, DVD Audio, SACD and PCM.
It don't...

The best thing to do is run Denon Link 3 for audio with the amp, then take HDMI either direct to the display or though the 3806 when you get it.
I have a Denon 3085 AMP and a 3910 DVD player it tranfer's all digital signal's no picture use either Scart or HDMI to do that .And is the best out of all of them to use.

Make sure the 3910 has got the new 3rd generation software on so it will carry DSD signals (SACD) through the Denon Link. If not pick up the phone and ask denon to send you the three disk's to preform the upgrade if not then take it down to your dealer to were you brought it form and get them to do it for you should be free I did about 4 months ago when the licence was agreed form Sony then Denon realised the upgrade disks . :) :) :)
A bit pf a rethink may be needed - this is the press release from when denon link for SACD was anounced. taken from the denon uk website..

Denon's proprietary, high-performance 'DENON LINK' Digital Audio interface provides full support for Super Audio CD Digital Transmission.
"DENON LINK"* has already been approved as a digital audio interface for CD and DVD-Audio by the 4C Entity in 2003. And now, it enables digital transmission of DSD signals on Super Audio CD, officially with "DENON LINK 3rd Edition" (DENON LINK 3rd).

DENON LINK 3rd** enables full-spec digital transmission of all sources, from CD and DVD-Video to the multi-channel signals of Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio. The performance of a DVD player and an A/V surround amplifier equipped with DENON LINK can be fully realised by simply connecting the dedicated DENON LINK cable supplied with the DVD player, allowing users to consistently enjoy the maximum sound quality of digital program sources.
(May 09 item)

any thoughts?
It means that the audio from CD and DVD Video is being transmitted, hence the part in the first paragraph "digital audio interface"

Hope that clarifies for you!

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