How do you use your receiver?

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Just wondered how many people actually listen to the radio on their receiver?

I'd assume a lot of people have sky and the radio via that. Or, the amp is primarily an av amp, with the odd cd played through it?

Am I way off the mark?

I have managed to keep the hifi and av in separate rooms in a normal sized terraced house. I believe it's far better.

Basically I want to know if the receiver is a valued part.

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I haven't got my receiver yet, but I am ordering it today. :D

I know for a fact that I will use the radio on it as my only other radio in the house is my radio alarm. I don't watch TV, but do have radio via Sky, but it isn't Scottish Real Radio on that, so that isn't a factor.

Also, music will be a big think on my system as it is what I do mostly while I am at home.



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Use it (Marantz SR4200) mainly as an amp for watching TV and DVDs and also use the tuner on it. However, I drive my two front speakers via my stereo hifi amp (Arcam Alpha 6+) via the 5.1 pre-outs.

My CD player (via my Tag DAC20) is connected directly to my Arcam so I don't use the receiver for listening to music.

In that sense I have kept my AV and HiFi systems separate but in the same room (and they share the front speakers).

I actually don't use much of the functionality of the receiver (video switching, tape loops etc) and I only have 2 inputs into it (DVD and TV) so most of it is wasted. However, for £200 (at RS) I couldn't go wrong.

IMO I think there'd be a big market for AV amps that just did the basics:

- 3 or 4 stereo analog inputs.
- 2 coax, 1 optical digital inputs.
- DD 5.1, DTS 5.1 and DPL II.
- 5.1 pre-outs.

Specifically omitting:
- Video switching (does anyone use it??).
- Tuner.
- Reams of analog inputs and tape loops that no one uses.
- Proprietary stereo surround modes (Circle Sound etc).
- Useless DSP modes (Movie, Hall, Matrix etc).
- Anything above 5.1 and all that goes with it (6.1, 7.1 EX, Neo 6, THX etc).

Then you might actually get reasonably priced AV amps that were comparable with stereo hifi amps for music quality.

In fact, I think I've already found said perfect AV amp, the Cyrus AV8, except that it's only a pre-amp/processor. If someone were to make something like the Cyrus AV8 with an integrated 5.1 power amp at a reasonable price (say < £1000) I think it would sell like hot cakes amongst the hifi community who don't want to sacrifice 2ch. sound quality and haven't got the cash for something like a Tag or Arcam processor/power solution.



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My first entry model, in 1976, was a receiver - the Pioneer SX-450.

It was stereo, with 15 watts per channel, used with Pioneer PL12 turntable and Celestion Ditton 15 speakers. In addition to its use as an amp, I also used the FM channels alot as my stereo music source, and the wonderful Hitchhiker's Guide from Stereophonic Workshop on Radio 4 in about 1979.

I also used as an amp when I added a Denon cassette player.

Then along came CDs and teenage daughters. And I upgraded my stereo receiver to an AV receiver (Yamaha RXV 660) able to support CD and audio input from Nicam VCR / TV broadcast, delivering Dolby ProLogic and 65 watts to those Dittons. Again FM radio broadcasts mattered for various 'free' music and the odd radio play.

(In 1993, my 15year old daughter wanted a music box. I wanted some domestic harmony. So, I let her have a 'permanent loan' of the Pioneer RX-450 and the PL12D and the Denon cassette player + a second hand pair of AR speakers, with stands, to put in her attic bedroom; and I showed her the 'loudness' button. Of course, that meant that I had to go out and buy not only the AV receiver but also the corresponding CD and cassette players + a s/h Systemdek TT.)

Advent of cable tv, and now digital cable, + departure of birds from nest, has triggered another upgrade frenzy. And given cable delivery of the radio channels that I listen to, I am also asking whether I *need* a receiver.

And that last posting from michaelab seems to make sense.

btw, I have just been re-organising the living room in anticipation of Tosh ZD26. As a result, due to WAF, I am simplifying. And have 'cascaded' stuff to other half to use in dining/kitchen area. And yes, she is now using the Pioneer receiver as power for the Yammy cassette and as source for FM broadcasts - driving (in mono for now) one of the AR speakers. I have promised that she can have the CD player when I can 'cascade' the Yammy receiver that will be released "when I know that I've found what I'm looking for ..."

So, you see, receivers are wonderful things ...



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