How do you tidy up custom formations and tactics?


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I'm a bit of a tinkerer with my tactics and formations. Most of the time they don't really work so what I end up with are several different formations and tactics and I struggle to remember which one does what. Hopefully in FIFA 11 we will be able to name them (not sure why this isn't available now).

So does anyone know how I can delete old tactics/formations and tidy them all up?


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I have the same problem and it's a bloody nightmare. FIFA 10's menus in general are a joke!

I've literally got about 30 formations and I can never remember which do what, and whenever you change one I end up saving it to a new slot just incase I over-write one I really want to keep!

So in short: I really don't know of a good way to keep them in check. You can't delete them individually (I'm pretty sure), the only thing I can suggest is writing them down on a .txt file or something which do what, and if you don't like one you can then put a cross through it.
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