How do you tell if a speaker has been hammered ?



Hi there,

What signs should you look out for when buying second hand speakers to see if they have been hammered or not i.e played very loud most of the time.

Thanks for any advice.


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As the actual drivers and tweeters may not show any signs of visible damage through overpowering, the only real way to check is to listen to them. Driving amps and speakers too hard can result in clipping (distortion being introduced into the circuit). This can quickly damage amps and speakers.

I personally, would never buy second hand amps or speakers, because you don't know how hard they have been driven. If you are going to go second hand, however, I wouldn't recommend buying off eBay, unless the seller will let you properly check them out before parting with the cash.


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I see no reason not to buy a second-hand amp. They either work or they don't.

Speakers are another thing and you can get stung, particulaly on Fleabay. I would ask for a demo, at the dealership or seller's house. The state of his other kit in his rack can give you a good idea as to how well he's looked after his speakers.;)

As always a demo is essential.

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