Question How do you setup Cyberlink Powerdvd and JRiver for 24fps playback?

mike bearne

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I use my desktop computer as a HTPC, it runs windows 10 (latest upgrade) along with Intel 6th Gen onboard graphics through hdmi connection. I have installed Cyberlink Powerdvd and Jriver for movie and music playback. When I use these programs playback on my Samsung UHD tv shows 30fps but the films are 24fps (or thereabouts) and I notice a slight judder due to this difference in fps in the setups. Can anyone provide any instructions for these programs to set the playback to 24fps video playback including with the audio synced to this frame rate. Also any similar info for VLC would be much appreciated. Thanks

Darren Heal

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Probably have to set the graphics card control software (e.g. right click over blank / wallpaper area of your screen and select to play properties or NVidia control panel) to 24 fps and PowerDVD plays along.

I'm in the US so everything here works at 60 Hz (the US mains frequency). I ended up setting my display at 59 (!) fps for best results. Maybe frame 60 is a reset or something. I don't know. But in the UK or Europe generally you might find 48 works better. Turn on all the hardware acceleration you can in PowerDVD and the graphics card control software too. Then switch OFF all the motion control options in the TV. Also set to the highest resolution you graphics card can support at the desired frame rate.


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For JRiver, it is under preferences. You can select different frame rates for different file formats.
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