Question How do you set up Freesat on a 55PUS6703?


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I purchased this telly this week and set it up last night. I hooked up my old Sky cable to the DVB-S2 port on the back of the telly. Single LNB but whatever it'll do!

It detects Astra 28.8E correctly, but when the wizard asks you to choose a provider, I don't see Sky or Freesat listed. Just a bunch of German, Austrian and Dutch providers.

Can anyone give me tips on how to get it set up right? I would just like to have the Freesat channels please.



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I don't think it has the freesat epg, just access to whatever free channels the satellite provides, I haven't tried it myself because I use a freesat set top box but can you not go through the channels and make a favourites list? Not ideal obviously but might be an acceptable alternative.


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Bugger. I think you can upload channel arrangements via USB. Might try that. It's a shame you can't run a cron job to automate that.

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