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How do you self calibrate your TV?


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I had a Panasonic Plasma calibrated by someone on here and I loved the results, however that TV got destroyed by my daughters hand and a hairbrush.

I have now got another TV and I have seen some people doing self calibration work, I have seen there is discs you can buy. I'm asking how easy us it to do for a novice as I don't really want to spend another £250 on a professional calibration.

1080 jawbreaker

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spears and munsel v2 should be a good starting point


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A free disc that on its own will help get your basics (contrast, brightness and sharpness) set correctly.
If you want to do a more in depth calibration you need a meter and software plus a disc.
A i1 Display pro aka i1 display 3 is a great meter, hcfr fork is free software to use with the meter and the avs709 disc has the patterns needed to use for the calibration.
Here's a guide that makes for good reading to get you started.


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And if you don't want to spend £160-odd on the i1 meter you can get the ColorMunki Display for about £110, which is basically the same hardware only it can't be used with fancier paid-for calibration softwares like Calman. But HCFR (free) works just fine with the ColorMunki.


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You cannot self calibrate a TV without a meter, but you can improve the picture, using either disc mentioned.

I would disagree with Geoff_D, as the ColorMunki / HCFR set up gives significantly worse results than the i1 Pro and Chromapure, which is very repeatable. I can get a Delta E of better than 0.8 with an i1, come back to it the following week and get the same result. This is not the case with the ColorMunki, which uses similar hardware, but a different filtering system, resulting in significant drift.

That being said, it still looks a lot better than a TV straight out of Currys!


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Tbh I won't be buying a meter but I will use one of those discs and see what I can do with it.
I appreciate the qualities calibration brings to a set but after spending a lot of money on a calibration and to see my daughter smash the screen I don't think I could bring myself to pay out that money again.


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Try the thx app free on ios and Android and connect your phone to TV and then do it very basic though, but will let you adjust colour while using you phone camera and seeing TV through it

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