How do you reset a NAD T742 ?



I'm having a few issues with my reciever and I'm wondering if there is a way to perform a processor reset. I tried unplugging the unit overnight and it still managed to remember all of my settings.

I also tried emailing NAD and I'm still waiting for a reply.

Thanks in advance!
reset the system by pressing both the "video" and "tone defeat" buttons simultaneaously for 5 seconds to perform a full system reset.

The display is to show "AH RESET"
Turn power off then re boot.
Yeah that method is for the 752 not the 742 which I own :(

Anybody else know?
It makes a terribly nasty sound when switching to Dolby Digital like a loud "Zap". So I always have to manually mute it for a second or two while it switches to DD.

Another thing I've noticed is the volume range no longer shows the negative infinity like it used to. Now the range strinctly ends at -61dB rather than -infinity.

The second issue is rather small but neither of these things were happening before christmas vacation. I had the unit unplugged for about 2 weeks and when I came back these annoyances started showing up.
Good question, I don't have a sub and so the sub setting is off. I do hear it from the front speakers they are set to large.
To reset the tone back to default,
First - turn it on
Second - hold FM and tone controls buttons
and the display should all light up.
this should reset the system back to default

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