how do you remove players met history


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Hi I was wondering how do you remove the history without wiping the hard disk. I have tried resetting the settings but it is not working.



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I don't think you can (and I'm not sure why you'd want to :confused:). It only remembers the last 50 people you've played with anyway.


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I just want to know as I just find it annoying thats all

Kcuf Ouy

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Hey Holiday, if you want to remove them....block each one first under options....then goto "block list" above "players met" and when you goto options it will give you that option to "delete from blocked list" from your PS3......it might take abit but there's your answer.

P.S you might have to repeat the delete process on each one between 1-5 times....i was gettin errors...but eventually it will work. Hope that helps you or anyone else.

Version 4.21


Or you can just reset to factory settings. I think there is more that one kind of reset perhaps you need to do a stronger one than the one you did. The one that wipes your hard drive and reformats is one I have used. That does it for sure!


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How does the people you met in the list affect your PS3 time, its not as though the PS3 Friend's list forces you to see their PS3 ID's :S

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