How do you organise yourself? i.e projects


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An interesting one for me really, always intrigued as to how people organise their work....

I use normally around 4 main computers;

  • Work
  • Home Desktop
  • Home Laptop (MBP 15")
  • New Home Laptop (MBP 13")

I am in the process of consolidating it to two when I get my 30" ACD, I can retire my home dual desktop setup and use the 30" with the MBP.

My documents are pretty much all over the place even though they are kind of tidy, I just feel I am not being efficient.

Even though my work computer is mainly doing work stuff, sometimes I get bored or need a change and thus, will work on personal work such as websites, designs and so on.

Just wondering how you guys manage all of this, any special tricks or methods that you find work for you?

Random question I know.....




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Hi Gabi

I have two computers:

Lightweight Laptop (Compaq 15") for on-line use, travel and to take on holiday for storing and editing photos. As the laptop is for internet use there is nothing of value on it.

Desktop PC for all main work: applications, documentation, storage, music, photos, games etc. The PC is always off-line for security.

The two systems have different anti-virus, firewalls etc. Transferring data from one system to the other is done using a USB stick.

Top priority is security.


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The problem is also I do a lot of web development and so on, so I have a local copy of the websites on effectively 4 machines, which is a pain in the ass.

it's a hard one :s

The alternative would be to have a hosted desktop, and regardless of which comp you use, you always login to the same location, however, hard to install the apps you want and speed is a concern.

Please note, this is just about work stuff and so on, thus gaming and similar is something I don't do.



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