How do you organise your Watch List?


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Sorry, this is a bit of a long post, but I'd be grateful for your thoughts.

Back in the simple days of 5 TV channels and VCR/PVRs, it was relatively easy to decide what you want to watch from the Radio Times or whatever, set the timer to record, and then only worry about timing clashes.

Today, we still have that, but there are also now streaming and catch-up services which are much less easy to pin down.

So today I still set the PVR to record any off-air stuff we want to watch over the next week or so. But at home we also now have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, not to mention iPlayer and its cousins from the other channels.

So what I'm really asking is:

From all the information about what's available on all the channels, how do you organise or even remember what you'd like to watch? For example, you might see some reference to a new film on Netflix and think "I'd like to watch that when I've got the time". How do you remember it?

Is there any app which lets you organise these things? What would be ideal would be one which the TV could access where you could list all your choices from all your subscriptions and just select one to start watching it. My BT YouView PVR sort of does it, but it's very limited and the interface is a nightmare.



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On Netflix I simply add shows and films that I'd like to watch to my List and I do the same with Prime.
I have Sky Q and anything I like the look of I record, which automatically series links it.
Then I just go to My Recordings to watch.

currently i'm watching:
You - Neflix
The Boys - Prime
Narcos Mexico - Netflix
Wheeler Dealers - Sky Q
Match of the Day - Sky Q
Grand designs - Sky Q

And that's about it at the moment. Quite simple really


I add stuff to my Netflix and Amazon Video watch lists all the time, and record stuff on Sky Q, then forget about them completely. I now have a massive amount of content recorded and bookmarked to watch, that I will simply never get the time to watch.

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