How do you listen to 5.1 discs????


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Strange question possibly but have just wired my Pio 812 for 6.1 (although with 2 back surrounds rather than 1) Now I am happy with CD sound which I have set to play in Neo 6 and sounds come out of all speakers and sounds great.

My question comes from playing a couple of DVDs in 5.1, I am not sure which option I should listen to (in fact I am not sure I should change anything?)

Basically I do not get sound out of the 6th channel (obvioulsy I guess with the Amp doing its own thing) ie it only plays 5.1, but should I actually set it as default on DVD input to play in a 6.1 format either DD/DTS 6? Will it sound better, will it actually make a difference?

Also if I change the default setting will it cope OK when I play a genuine 6.1 DVD?

Any advice/experiences much appreciated

Cheers :smashin:


I currently listen to 5.1 discs through my TV speakers boo hoo!!!
Sold my Yamaha DSP-A1 last month and waiting on my Yamaha 1400 to arrive :)


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After months of messing around with all the sound formats i find that listening to a disk normally sounds better played back in the format it was recorded in (mastered in).

The only time i switch on my rear 2 speakers (6.1) is to listen to DTS 6.1 ES discreet.

But those are my thoughts , every one has their own tastes.



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I must be getting old I listen to everything music wise anyway in plain 2 Channel stereo. Have played with most of the sound formats and always come back to 2Ch. :)

For movies everything is played with EX/ES switched on, I have never felt it made anything sound worse that 5.1 usually better and the speakers are there so it would be a waste not to use them.:D


Ditto what pwiles said.

You've paid the extra money for the 6th and/or 7th speaker so why not use it for DVD's? It's also always on for my system.
When I first got the Denon 3802 I played about with the multichannel effects for music, but soon upgraded to a separate HiFi amp and so don't have the option for 6.1 from CD's unless I play CD's in the DVDP.


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