How do you like it, easy or hard?

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May 30, 2003
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I normally play a game in easy mode and then kid myself I'll play it again on Hard.

I got XIII for crimbo, which had 3 options, easy norm or hard.

I went for normal, and have been tempted to start again in easy, but I haven't. (yet).

Do you think you get more out of a game if it's hard?

Rich tee.
I generally go on Normal, if its a game i really enjoyed ill play on hard.

but i rarely finish a game at the moment let alone twice
I look for really hard cos i'm hardcore :rotfl:

Nah i play on normal then go through it again on hard, there is no shame in playing on easy.
If you aint having fun on normal or hard but you turn it to easy & start to have fun & enjoy the game? then hell play it on easy.
I will play them on normal first, then if i really like the game go back and try it on hard. Some games though have a massive leap from normal to hard, i mean PGR2 i am trying to get gold medals which is just so hard for some stages yet silver for those same stages is just too easy :confused:
Try the coupe cone challenge on platinum:eek:

It's a right swine and harder than any other. Flat out all the way, have to get every gate and throw in plenty of tricks too. Still not done it although got close once.
The different difficulty settings on some games give you a completely different experience. Halo was a big example. On easy your marines survive a lot longer, so it feels almost like a different game because they're helping you for longer. On Legendary the aliens pretty smart and very difficult to kill.

I remember playing Timesplitters on easy and the levels were almost empty. So I think you would miss the experience of alot of the games if you played on easy from the start.

Try the coupe cone challenge on platinum

I have trouble with this on gold i just cant seem to rack up enough kudos, get to about 2000 and thats it :( . I can do the speed camera challanges on platinum but the rest of the challanges are either gold or silver, even split at the mo, great game though. I didnt like the first pgr but i have become quite hooked on pgr2
Depends on the game, really :) :D

Racers, platformers, fighters...the harder, the better. BUT...only if the game is very good. A near-vertical difficulty in curve in Virtua Fighter 4 is more than welcome IMO...but with something less good like Soul Calibur/Dead Or Alive etc high difficulty levels annoy me. Especially when you spend ages using as much skill as possible and getting nowhere...then button bash a bit and suddenly come out victorious:rolleyes:

With some games though ie puzzle games I like difficult challenges but only if they're logical. Silent Hill-type challenges that make absolutely no sense are useless IMO
Inzaman, you have to keep the combo rolling and not drop it. In this sense it's better to drive a little more slowly and make sure you don't hit a cone. If you have 2 gates that are too far apart to keep the combo going you'll have to chuck in a slide or something. The longer the combo stays rolling the more kudos you get for each gate and it starts to multiply.

The problem is, on the platinum challenges you don't have the luxury of driving slowly, there's barely enough time to get round, let alone worry about handbrake turns.

I have about 90 odd gold and the rest platinum but I've kind of decided to have a break from gaming and get my house finished as living in a bedsit in my parents house at 31 is not really much fun. Having a baby on the way kind of puts a little extra urgency on too:eek:
Stereo steve, sounds like you have it sussed on PGR2 something i am desparately trying to achieve. Will definitely try and keep the combo going and not hit any of those damn cones. I didnt know that you could keep it going between the long gaps by doing powerslides and hand brake turns etc.
I am also 31 but moved out of my mums beginning of last year and spent most of last year in time and money sorting the new, well old house out. I only got my xbox in sept and as our house is now pretty much done i have all the time in the world to play that and watch dvds, well all the time my girlfriend allows :D
If you have Live, try watching the replays of other guys to see who they do it.

As for living with parents, I moved out at 19 and have rented or owned my own place ever since but we recently sold up and have decided to convert an old barn. We put the house on the market at a silly price and sold in the first week, much to our suprise so we ended up homeless. The folks are kindly putting us up in the meantime. It's kind of tough when you are used to having a whole house to yourself. Still, should be moving in soon.

One benefit is that when you have to live in a room 17' square including running a business, you tend to offload a whole of junk that you have built up over the years. Binbags full:rolleyes:
Stereo steve not hooked up to live, but have tried the cone challenge using your advice and am now getting golds by keeping the combo going, which is a nightmare when you hit a cone part way through a combo but am also driving slower. cannot believe you can get platinum :eek: on the cone challenge, cheers for your advice
To get platinum you basically have to do the whole course without dropping the combo at all. Most of them, this is enough but some, you need to throw in more moves too. Try the Pacific Muscle or Compact Sports ones as these are fairly easy with practice.

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