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I have a Phillips 28 DW 6557 iDTV

According to manual it has 2 SCARTS, but only Ext 1 SCART is RGB-enabled.

Now on the back of the TV, both SCARTS have the three dot symbol in a triangular fashion (? meaning RGB enabled).

I am outputting RGB signal from both Toshiba 330 DVD (Ext 1, THOR SCART) and SKY (Ext 2, Cheap freebie SCART).

No problems with pictures.

Does that confirm them that both SCARTS are RGB?
If a SCART is not RGB-enabled, would it be able to accept an RGB signal and still give a "normal" image?

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You can easily find out which is rgb enabled through your sky box..Go to services on your sky remote and then system setup and picture settings and then you can switch between rgb and pal on your remote.
If theres no change to the picture that scart on the back of the tv is not rgb enabled,if the picture changes it is rgb enabled.

Then you can swop over the scart leads on the tv and try again and see if the other one is rgb enabled also.


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Normally there is some brightness, contrast, colour variations as you switch over between composite and RGB via the sky menus. It will stay the same if the scart is not RGB enabled. Also RGB should be a bit sharper with cleaner edges.


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Originally posted by AV User
In what way is it supposed to change?

It will become noticably more vivid and may picture shift to the left a little. Comparing to composite, rgb is noticable, if not then it's time to double check settings and connections.


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A quick and dirty way to see if your connection is RGB is to gradually wiggle the SCART plug out from one end only. As you lose one of the 3 connections before the others by doing this, you should get a tinted picture. As I said, it's quick and dirty, but it works.

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A definite way to know would be to use an RGB only scart cable.


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An RGB only scart cable still carries composite as the composite connection is the sync connection for RGB. Thinking about it a RGB only scart cable would also display s-video as the luminance is carried on the same pin as sync/composite and the chroma is carried by one of the RGB pin connections. I think when they say RGB only scart they mean making the cable one way and perhaps removing sound and data connections. I've never actually come across one.

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