How do you go about sharing games, now?


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A quick question, for anyone that might know that. A friend of mine, with whom I used to share accounts back when we both had PS4s, has now got a PS5. Will we still be able to share games just the same as before, meaning that if I buy a PS4 game, he can get it on PS5, and if he buys a PS5 game (that also exists on PS4), I can download it just the same? Or does it only work from PS4 to PS5, but not the other way around. For example, if he buys Demon's Souls, that only exists on PS5, so it's off the table. But if he buys RE Village, for instance?


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It should work, I game share but it seems to randomly stop working too often for my liking and I find it very annoying and a PITA.

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