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Nov 29, 2001
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Spoke to jessops yesterday a bout kit to clean the lens on my Sony VPL11HT PJ the guy was really helpfull but didn't know Jack!

he suggested I buy a normal lens cloth and some Q Tips from the chemist!! i explained a few of my friends had camera's that cost them approx 1K and they suggested i makes sure i clean the lens properly, so I didn't fancy whipping down to boots to get some Q tips!!

any way my kit arrived from them today,
lens cloth
lens fluid
lens cleaning tissues

so I tried to clean the lens tonight and i think I've made it worse

so how do you clean your lens and what do you use


There is special lens cleaning fluid.

I can't remember what it's called now, several brand names etc...

Basically it comes in a small (3 ml) bottle, with a brush in the cap (like nail varnish).

Apply the liquid to the lens, wait for it to dry, & it then "peels off" in a skin, lifting all dirt/residues as it comes.

No rubbing etc. required. Brush on, peel off.

Surprised Jessops didn't have this, very common in photography.
Use a blower brush (or blow gently without spitting) to remove big chunks. Then apply lens cleaning fluid sparingly. Then using a lens cleaning tissue ( or a glasses cloth) start in the centre and wipe in a very gently circular pattern working out to the edge with larger sweeps.

Use a torch or a tilt the unit to check for smears.
Don't scrub it too hard : to be honest its doubtful small particles of dust on the lens will resolve themselves on screen so don't bother cleaning the lens unless you have to.

You can buy neutral density filters that will knock back you black levels some (the whites can probably take a weak filter no problem) and has the added benefit of protecting the lens.

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